Arunachal Pradesh is the largest states among the North Eastern States. It is hilly region inhabited by tribal people. The topography of the area is such that there is frequent landslide due to heavy rainfall; as a result there is frequent disruption of road communication which hampers the plans of the organization. Further the said plans got to be delayed or sometimes canceled. The number of population is very less and the people are scattered, thus, it becomes difficult to reach them in time. One needs to travel from one corner to the other via the neighboring state Assam, which involves lots of time. The other challenge faced especially by the staffs during field visits in the rural areas is that with the proper accommodation, which is not available in many remote places and areas.

To bring up the organization healthy, funds are very much important but the organization experiences irregularity in fund release by the funding agencies. Thus, it hinders in proper implementation of a scheme effectively and meets the objectives of the Organization.

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