The mission of OWA aims at the excellence at all aspects of human development – physical, mental and moral, through development in social, educational, economic, environmental, cultural and other spheres of life and living. The emergence of the Organization was with a vision and mission of development & empowerment of the poor & needy, women & children, and the ones, lagging behind the mainstream of the Society.

Based upon its mission OWA is working broadly towards the following objectives:

» To extend social and welfare activities amongst the people of area in general, women and children in particular.

» To extend socio-economic activities in the area for the betterment of the community as a whole.

» To undertake activities in the field of education, health and hygiene, to spread awareness of appropriate sanitation and diffusion of useful knowledge.

» To undertake activities in the field of horticulture, agriculture, environment etc.

» To campaign for awareness in environment and educate them about the effect of the environment.

» To provide facilities of Health, Hygiene and Homes to the poor.

» To provide operational efficiency and in depth focus to its work, OWA is working with the sub groups based upon the three thematic areas that are of crucial concern to the sector.


» Campaigning and Advocacy support on development related issues.

» Institutionalized social welfare and support activities.

» Awareness generation on various themes, based on the need of the area.

Vocational training and production support.

» Rehabilitation services to orphans and destitute women, irrespective of cast, creed and community stands.

» Host proactive innovative ideas for socio-economic and environmental development.

» Institutional support for educational development.

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